The Qualanod Anodizing Defects Catalogue can be used in different ways depending on the information already being with the web-site user.

You may start with the photo gallery showing the appearance of various, common anodising defects and comparing the pictures with the appearance of the anodizing defect you are interested in. Once you have identified your defect on a picture, note the defect name and switch to the site "Anodising Defects Catalogue", there you will find the related description.

For every defect, the category, sub-category, the defect type and its appearance is described, furthermore a description of the defect, its cause and possible remedy is mentioned.

If you know at least the type of defect you are looking for, you may use the main page “Anodizing Defects Catalogue” select one of the main categories e.g. “process defects” and browse the list of defects being shown.

In case you already know the defect you are interested by its name, you may browse the list of defects on the main page “Anodising Defects Catalogue” and search for your defect name, note the defects name and click onto the category navigation on the left side of the page to get details and pictures of this defect.

If you know about an Anodisizing Defect not in our catalogue, kindly use the “Contact” button and inform us, we will add the defect then.